We are a family owned and operated digital marketing company in Bend, OR. We are Aaron and Mike Moon and we are the force behind the Moonhouse brand.

Living Bend and Loving It

Living Bend and Loving It

Life in Bend is an adventure and the local business community is at the heart of it all.

Photos, Videos and More

Our photographer takes the best pictures and videos … and they love taking them around Bend, for business and pleasure. Whether it’s snapping quick photos with her phone or carefully planned shoots with her Nikon, she always makes an impact.

Social Media and the Local Community

Our passion for the Bend lifestyle and our proximity to the local business community gives us an advantage when it comes to social media and we take full advantage of it. Using pictures and videos we take during our meetings, we create powerful posts to share with the local community.

Effective, User Friendly Websites

Aaron has been programming web applications since the late 90’s and has extensive industry experience but he has found that nothing works as well, makes as big of an impact and offers as much marketing support, for local businesses, as WordPress.

In-Person Strategizing

Depending on the level of service you require, we will stop by your place of business up to 4 times a month. Together, we will use this time to strategize, take pictures/videos, offer advice and give support.

Phone Support: 7 Days a Week

In addition to our in-person strategy sessions, you can pretty much call us whenever you need to. Mike has received praise from almost all of our clients about how he always answers the phone.

Community is important to us. It’s the driving force behind what we do … and our local, Bend, businesses are the backbone of that community.


Digital Marketing Services

Utilizing the following techniques in combination with your company logo, colors, slogan and other branding material we will help create and promote your local following.


Content should be real and should express the voice and purpose of your business. We make sure we fully understand your business and your audience.

The Camera

Pictures and videos serve a great purpose: to engage, visually and connect, the way humans do.

Social Media

By understanding your business, we better understand how to interact with your customers and pique the interest of new customers … this is where the camera comes into play.


We love keeping up with the ever changing landscape of SEO. We have been getting websites ranked high, organically, for over 10 years.

Paid Ad Management

Depending on your marketing goals and your budget, there are many options to suit your needs. We can create paid ads with the intention of increasing sales or we can focus on driving traffic to your website, growing your followers and/or expanding your reach.

Website Dev

We create, host and maintain many different types of websites, from beautiful and functional WordPress sites to robust e-commerce sites using Magento.

Programming, Hosting & Other Technicals

We have almost 20 years of programming and server management experience, so we can pretty much put together anything you want but if you are just wanting a simplified business website, we provide a high level of service for all our clients.

  • Hosting, Maintenance & Security
  • Offsite Backups
  • Compliance Updates
  • Monitoring

Design & Branding

I think the two topics go hand and hand. Graphics and imagery are an important factor in branding. It’s about first impressions and the first impression is visual. We like to approach each project differently when it comes to design and branding and we like to have fun with it. Creating a logo and a cartoon character that tells the story of your business in a fun way is one of our favorite methods of brand awareness.


Animation is an awesome marketing strategy! Not much more to say besides, maybe … Youtube is huge and animations have high viral marketing potential.

bend video marketing

Bend, Local Business, Specials!

A lot of digital marketing company’s don’t like listing prices on their websites because they are only looking for clients with a big marketing budget. We want to make sure our local business community can thrive, so we came up with a couple packages just for you.

Get Started

Whether you are starting out or you are ready for a makeover, this is the place to start.

$1500 to Start / $300 a Month

  • WordPress Website
  • 2 Facebook/Instagram Posts per Month
  • Social Media Support

Get Moving

For when you’re ready to start making a bigger impact and connecting more to the community.

$1500 to Start / $400 a Month

  • WordPress Website
  • 4 Facebook/Instagram Posts per month
  • Paid Ad Management (Social and Google)

Don't worry, we are not limited to those packages. Send us a message and we'll figure it out together.



Don't trust your local reputation to a company that doesn't know or understand your community.

Our Community is our Business

Nobody understands your local community, better than someone who is actually part of it and part of your target audience. We may have not lived here our whole lives but this place is our home and there is no place in the world we’d rather be.

The local business community is awesome and the people fighting for it are awesome as well.

We are going to do our part to help local businesses thrive and defend Bend against big business from completely taking over.

We offer a wealth of affordable services to support and help grow your local following, increase foot traffic, expand your reach and promote brand awareness.

make local habit in bend
Social Media Marketing

Yup, we work from home ... which is actually good news for you.

Less Overhead = More Affordable


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